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PHP is a “Server Side Language” this back-end language is used for creating “Dynamic web pages”. As you know, PHP provides us a lot of different features in Web development. And, in this long list of features, Math Function is one of the most useful.

And Today, we will discuss – “What are PHP MATH Functions?”

If we need to process mathematical problems. Then For solving these problems In PHP there are various mathematical functions available. There are many predefined PHP math constants and functions that take care of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and many other mathematical calculations. PHP have a very good support for mathematical processing. Here, we have some short listed  mathematical functions for you. First of all, let’s see the list of important PHP math functions:- abs(), base_convert(), bindec(), ceil(), cos(), exp(), expm1(), floor(), fmod(), getrandmax(), hexdec(), is_finite(), is_infinite(), is_nan(), log(), log10(), log1p(), max(), min(), mt_getrandmax(), mt_rand(), mt_srand(), octdec(), pi(), pow(), round(), sin(), sqrt(), tan().

Following is an explanation of some interesting PHP Math Functions –

  1. PHP CEIL() Function

If you wants to figure out a number up to the nearest integer, then in this case you can follow CEIL() function. It will help you to fulfill your task.

Syntax = float ceil ( float $value )

Program:- PHP Ceil function

  1. PHP ABS() function

The PHP ABS() function helps you to find out the absolute (positive) value of a number as an output.

Syntax= number abs ( mixed $number )  

Program:- PHP ABS() function

  1. PHP FLOOR() Function

The floor() function help you to figure out the number which is nearest to integer. In this function, we use a float or real number.

Syntax= float floor ( float $value )  

Program:- php Floor() Function

  1. PHP MAX() Function

In case you want to find highest value, then you can use PHP MAX() function.

Syntax = max (array_values);


Max (val1, val2, ……);

Program:- PHP MAX() function

  1. PHP MIN() Function

And, on the other hand, if you wants to find lowest value, then PHP math function have MIN() Function.

Syntax = min(array_values);


Min (val1, val2, ……);

Program:- PHP min() function

  1. PHP LOG() Function

The log() function is used to return the natural logarithm of different numbers.

syntax= log(number,base);

Program:- php log() function

  1. PHP SQRT() Function
    We also describe this concept in our YouTube Channel. Watch this on youtube –

The sqrt() function used to returns the square root of a given number.

Syntax= float sqrt ( float $arg )  

Program:- PHP sqrt() function

8.PHP DECBIN() Function

The decbin() function used to converts decimal numbers into binary numbers. And it  will returns binary number representation of given number as a string.

Syntax= string decbin ( int $num )  
php decbin() function

  1. PHP BINDEC() Function

If you want to convert numbers from binary to decimal, then PHP BINDEC() function will help you.

Syntax = num bindec ( string $binary_string )  
Program:-php bindec() function

  1. PHP DECHEX() Function

The dechex() function helps you to converts numbers from decimal into hexadecimal. And it will returns a hexadecimal number as a string.

Syntax= string dechex ( int $num )  

Program:- php dechex() function


  1. PHP DECOCT() Function

In case, you want to convert numbers from decimal to octal, then you should prefer DECOCT() function. It will returns a octal representation number as a string.

Syntax= string decoct ( int $num )
php decoct() function

  1. PHP BASE_CONVERT() Function

The base_convert() function helps you to converts number from one base number to another base number. For example, you can convert hexadecimal numbers to binary numbers, hexadecimal numbers to octal numbers, binary numbers to octal numbers, octal numbers to hexadecimal numbers, binary numbers  to decimal numbers etc.

Syntax= string base_convert ( string $num , int $frombase , int $tobase )

Program:- PHP base convert() function


Hope this blog help you in understanding the various math functions in PHP language.

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