5 Online courses that you must do while you are home quarantined.

Breaking: Curfew has been extended till May 1, 2020.

The global outbreak of COVID-19, many are staying at home. This probably wouldn’t sound like a big problem to you a few months ago. But, this global Coronavirus pandemic is changing life, business, work and study as we know it. Online courses are in lime light at the moment, as people all around the world have been ushered to help prevent further spread of Coronavirus. It could be one of the most significant events of the decade as the ongoing outbreak has provisionally put an end to our busy, social and professional lives. As much as we want to get back to the office and carry on with our normal project activities, it seems that many of us have stuck at home for this downtime.  


Now you are in quarantine and might be wishing you could use the time to up skills. You can go for so many online courses to choose from if you want to learn remotely. There are countless and impressive courses and wide range of different fields and at a very high level. A forced lockdown is no fun at all. You can’t accept guests, enjoy your Sunday breakfast in a café, or go to the movies. The great news, there’s as much space for learning as you’ve always wanted- but probably lacked.


But, this is not a reason to give up on neither your career nor your entrepreneurial dream. Take this opportunity to pick up new skills, learn that new programming languages you kept postponing for different reasons or simply expand your knowledge from the comfort of your home. Whether for a career switch or simply to boost your job prospects or grow your current business, learning new skills online to achieve your professional goals is without a doubt a constructive way to cope with the current self-isolation.


To support those forced to join the office exodus, many universities and distance learning organizations are offering access to their courses. Stars are aligned- you have free time and access to the best knowledge bases. Let’s make it productive for you.


Here is a list of the some of the best online learning platforms you can explore to brush up on your skills during this downtime. So imagine the quarantine is over. You’re out with your family and friends- celebrating, drinking the best coffee in town, enjoying each other’s company. Best time to break the news: you’re ready to kick start a new career in IT field. It doesn’t have to be that epic – may be you just get better in Python or learn the basics of data science. One way or another, COVID-19 gives you the chance to excel in one of the top-notch IT online classes.

Lockdown has been extended till May 1st and students are left with ample amount of time for online courses.




DO you want to create a website but don’t have coding experience. You may not be a web designer or professional coder but you can learn the process of creating website online. Start with the basic HTML, CSS, and proceed learning JavaScript, bootstrap and so on. The online platform covers practical tasks and small challenges that you can process at your own pace with the help of your online tutor. After your course completed you can create your own website.

Here are some short-listed modern programming languages worth learning:
 C, C#
 C++  .Net, JavaScript, PHP
So utilize your time


The all time computer course is classics and it’s pretty reasonable. First, the course has been developed and covers the basics of all major programming languages. So if you want to use the quarantine to make your first step into computer science, start with basics. You can learn MS-office and its advance features. This is accessible to all students from different back grounds. Students and instructors continue to praise the broad coverage and exposition of computer science.



This is an unrivaled deep learning course for those who want to design professional websites. First you need to learn web designing for basic frame work. For developing a website, you need to go either for PHP or WORDPRESS. Web development is a creation of dynamic web applications. It’s the best form of coding for beginners. It’s easy to set up and online training available. If you want to create next facebook or find a job in industry. It’s a realistic goal if you have these learning websites, coding and apps at your fingertips.





Creativity is one of the most important skills a graphic designer may need. Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem solving through the use of typography, photography, iconography and illustration. A Graphic Designer gets an opportunity to combine art and technology in order to communicate ideas with large audience. You may have to sketch logos, design website layouts, and create videos throughout your career. To better understand it, to be aware of its elements and principles that make up design.  So if you have a creative mind and you love to design, this is your field.





The demand and popularity of programming languages are increasing every year. Also new languages are coming with attractive features. Learning a new programming language is always an investment of your time and brainpower. if you are a seasoned developer then you can learn any modern language worth learning. But if you are a starting your programming career in 2020 then it is wise to learn one of the mainstream and established PL.


Here are some short-listed modern programming languages worth learning:

  • Python
  • Java
  • C, C#
  • C++
  • .Net
  • JavaScript
  • PHP


So utilize your time by doing something worthy. Earn certifications for every milestone you hit, and get inspired by a supportive community. 

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