Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Must Know

After Windows 7, we have noticed drastic changes in Windows interface. It combines features of both Windows 7 and 8 in it. It was released on 29 July 2015. Windows 10 was designed to better optimize usage of touchscreens and tablets, however, Microsoft has not forgotten traditional PC users who prefer a physical keyboard. Here, we have a very handy list of most useful and basic keyboard shortcuts for you to better navigating and utilizing Windows 10.   

  1. Window key + (Right/Left/Up/Down Key) – Snap a Window

Windows 10 offers us improved support for Snap Window instead of Windows 7 and 8. In Windows 10, It provides multiple ways for snap a current Window:-

  • Window key  + Left key: Snaps Left side of the current window screen.
  • Window key  + Right key: Snaps Right side of the current window screen.
  • Window key + Up key: Snaps Top of the current window screen.
  • Window key  + Bottom key: Snaps Bottom of the current window screen.

Snap a Windows 10

  1.  Window key  – To Open and close a start menuwindow key in windows 10

Simply hit the Window key that will show you windows 10 start menu and also you can easily access all the programs on your computer.




  1. Window key  + S – To Open Searchwindow key + s

You Guys wanna normal search bar on windows 10?

 If yes, then just follow this shortcut to get the search menu and you can search locally without any hassle.



  1. Window key  + Q – Search the web and windows Cortana

Open Search using Cortana and voice control.
window key + Q

  1. Window key  + A –  To Open Action Center

This shortcut Activates action center.Window key + A In Windows 10, the action center is where you will find app notifications and quick actions. The action center is renamed as Security and Maintenance. And, here you can change security settings.




  1. Window key  + I – To Open Settings / Information Panewindow key + I

For change the settings, you just press these shortcut keys and you will get the settings on your screen within a second.

  1.  Window key + X  – To Open Admin Menu

 This shortcut offers you the feature of quick access to open/close secret start menu.window key + X

     8. Window key + Ctrl +D –  To Create New Virtual Desktop

By creating a new a virtual desktop, you can keep doing your work peacefully and separately.Window key + Ctrl +D

    9. Window key + Ctrl + left/right key – To Switch between Desktops

After creating a virtual desktop, you also need a simple way to switch between these desktops all. Now in this situation, this shortcut will help you to switch desktops right/left.

   10. Window key + Ctrl + F4 – To Close Active desktop

Creating virtual desktop and switching between virtual desktops is all cool, however,

                    what will happen when you want to close a current virtual desktop?

That time, this shortcut will help you achieve that.

   11. Windows Key  + C – To Activate CortanaWindow key + C

Cortana is one of the standout new feature addition to Windows 10. Cortana is a Microsoft’s digital voice assistant.Here you will speak instead of typing. However to use Cortana in a listening mode you will need to turn on “Hey, Cortana” by clicking the search box located in the  Taskbar.



Hopefully, these easy shortcuts will help make life easier for Windows 10 users. Comment below if you also know more shortcuts.

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