Top 15 CSS Interview Questions with Answer Keys

css interview

  1. What are the Benefits of CSS?

The Benefits of CSS:-

  • Bandwidth.
  • Easy control over website layout.
  • Site-wide consistency.
  • Page Pre-formatting.
  • Reused in multiple HTML pages.
  • Accessibility.
  • Content separated from presentation.
  1. What’s the extension of CSS?

The .CSS is the extension of CSS.

  1. How many different ways CSS can be integrated into a web page?

CSS can be integrated with three ways:

  • Inline: Inline CSS used when you write your CSS code within style attribute applied HTML elements.

Example:- <p style=”color:pink;”> HTML Web Page </p>

  • Internal/ Embedded:- In the Embedded, the CSS code is implemented within the head part of web page.



 <style> p{  color:green; background-color:pink;  } </style>


  • External/ Linked/ Imported: CSS can be placed in an external file and linked via link element.

External CSS implementation is done by creating a separate CSS file in your workspace and then linking them to every web page you create.



  <link rel=”text/css” href=”CSS_file_location”/>


4. What is Inline style in CSS?

The inline style is used for add up styling to individual HTML elementsQueries

5. What benefits and limitations do External Style Sheets have?


  • To apply styles under the complex context, the selector and grouping methods are used.
  • The single file can be used to control multiple documents having different styles.
  • Classes can be created for use on multiple HTML element types in many documents.


  • An extra download is needed to import each documents having the style information.
  • To rendering the document may be the external style sheet should be loaded.
  • Practical not required for small quantities of style definitions.

6. Discuss the merits and limitations of Embedded Style Sheets?


  • Here, Classes can be created for use on multiple tag types in a single document.
  • In CSS, Selector and grouping methods can be used to apply styles under complex situations.
  • The extra download is unnecessary to receive style information.


  • Multiple documents can’t be controlled style for multiple documents at once.

7. Explain Cellpadding and Cellspacing.

Cell Padding

Cell Spacing

It refers to the space or gap between the cell border and cell content. It refers to the gap or space between the two cells of same tables.
In HTML, cell padding is used with Table Border layout. In HTML, cell spacing is used with Table Border layout.


<table border cellpadding=2>


<table border cellspacing=2>

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8. What is the difference between Class selector from ID selector?

Class selector

ID selector

A class selector is a name preceded by a full stop “.” An ID selector is a name preceded by a hash character “#”
Classes are NOT unique

    • Use the same class on multiple elements.
  • Use multiple classes on the same element.

ID’s are unique

  • Each element have only one single ID
  • Each page has only one element with that ID.



Background-color: pink;





Background-color: pink;



9. What are the other different ways be used to wrap text and align images?

In the CSS, tables can be used to position images and text. Here you have another helpful way to wrap text around an image is style sheets.

10. In the CSS, Can you change the bullet’s color?

The color of the bullet is always the same as that of the first character in the list item. In case you surround the <li>…</li> tag and first character with the set of <font>…</font> tags with color attribute set, bullet color, and first character different color from the text.

11. What’re the limits of text field size?

In the CSS, the Default size is around 13 characters for a text field. However, if you will include the size attribute, then you can set the size value to be as low as 1. And,  maximum size value will be determined by the browser width. If you set the size attribute is 0, then the size set to the default size of 13 characters.

12. Which table’s property specifies the width that should appear between the table cells?

In the CSS, Border-spacing specifies the width that should appear between the table cells.

13. In how many formats can you specify a CSS color?

Here, you can specify color values according to the your choice in various different formats. Following lists all the formats:-

Format Syntax Example
Short Hex code #RGB p{color:#6A8;}
Hex code #RRGGBB p{color:#0400ff;}
RGB Absolute RGB(RRR,GGG,BBB) p{color:rgb(199,21,133);}
RGB% rgb(RRR%,GGG%,BBB%) p{color:rgb(50%,50%,50%);}
Keyword Aqua, black, etc. p{color:teal;}


  1. What’s the difference between standard and quirk modes?successful interview

Standard mode is something defined by the user and the behavior is as shown by the HTML and CSS specifications. Quirks mode is compatibility mode that is different from browser to browser. It’s usually doesn’t promise efficient browser’s use.

  1. What’s the drawback seen during serving XHTML servers?

The biggest drawback seen during serving XHTML servers is the Internet Explorer and other browsers can’t parse XHTML as XML. Thus, it is not as extensible as it was promised to be. There can also be lots of other limitations.

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