Java Vs Python

Which programming language is best – Java or Python? These both are related to openness. Hence, while deciding on preferred programming language,  programmers need to have better understanding of these two. Let’s focus on two survivors of the 1990s that have very dissimilar beginning stories: Java and Python.

Python’s Story

Python is the elder than Java programming language. It was released in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. It has been open source since its foundation. 

Java’s Story

Java was not released until 1995, but its story begins in 1991. James Gosling was the founder of Java and its original name was Oak. 

Java vs Python

Snake(Python) vs Coffee (Java): Key Differences

  •        Braces vs Indentation

        . Java, similar to most other languages, uses curly braces to define the opening and end of each method and class definition. Whereas, Python uses indentation to split source code into blocks.

  •        Dynamic vs Static Typing

        In Java, it is mandatory to define the type of a variable when you first declare it and will not allow you to alter the type later in the source code. While Python uses dynamic typing, that allows you to adapt the type of a variable.

  •        Portability

        Java is platform independent language. Any computer device that is able to run the JVM (Java virtual machine) can execute a Java application, whereas to run Python programs you require a compiler that can turn Python code into code that your particular operating system can recognize.

  •        Ease of use

        Python is an easier language for beginner programmers to be trained. You will grow more rapidly if you are learning Python as a primary language than Java. On the other hand, the recognition of Java means that knowledge of this dominant programming language is necessary if you want your apps run universally.

Programming language


Great For:

  • Excellent Performance on Large-Scale Systems. Java’s speed makes it best for building large-scale systems.
  • Faster Development Time. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a great environment for developing custom tools quickly.

Not Great For:

  • Statistical modelling and visualization- Java definitely does not suit to hardcore analysis.


Great For:

  • Machine Learning. The mixture of particular machine learning libraries (like TensorFlow, PyBrain, and scikit-learn) and general purpose flexibility makes Python uniquely well-matched to developing complicated models.
  • Workflow Integration. Python’s litheness makes it a trendy preference for developers who require applying statistical techniques or data analysis in their work.

Not Great For:

  • Highly specialized data tasks.

Through this article now you will be able to decide which is the right programming language to start with.

Good luck.

Happy coding!!


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