IT Industry – Future and growth opportunities


No one can doubt that IT industry has contributed greatly in placing India as preffered investment destinations among all the global investors. This trend has opened door to huge opportunities in India to work right from here for the global industry.

The world has gone digital. In year 2000, 361 million people were online. Other facts have shown that in year 2016, 3 billion were online, showing the amazing growth of 764%. Isn’t that great? Today half of the world is online and out of which Indians are giving a huge contribution of 34.8%.

Now let us understand that an individual spend 3 hours online and which means internet is a great place for advertisers to showcase their businesses to them. So going digital is the need of the hour. Having said that, this sector is in a transitional phase where it needs to constantly upgrade itself in line with global trends. Having a graduation in IT or computer fields is not just enough, at the same time it is imperative to think differently and collaboratively.

The need is to reposition ourselves as global innovation hub. In today’s era of large-scale digitization, we need the polished talent pool, which will lead to the next phase of the innovation and continue to survive in this forever changing and expanding industry. Business leaders have already started to accept the change after getting the positive impact created by the digital technologies and others are motivated too.

To put in the nutshell, IT industry has gone through so many ups and down in early 2000s and 2008s financial crisis. The only way to survive is to understand the need to keep reinventing itself. Indian companies have shown very clear acceptance to upgrade their offerings in line with emerging technologies and forever changing opportunities, however challenges of the future should also be foreseen to be at the top of the game and transform country into positive India.

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