HTML Linking Tags Explained


The HTML links are hyperlinks that link one page to another page. You can click on a link and it will jump to another document. When you move your mouse pointer over a link, then your mouse pointer will turn into a little hand. 

Let’s understand the concept in detail.

href attribute of HTML Anchor Tag

The “href” attribute plays a most important role in the HTML linking tag. A web page can contain many links that can take you directly to other pages. These links are known as hyperlinks. You can create hyperlinks by using text or images available on a webpage.

Types of Linking:-

In simpler way, linking can be categorised as follows –

  1. External Linking
  2. Internal Linking

External Linking:-

Basically, a link outside a domain is referred as external link. In the HTML, the link is specified by using HTML tag <a>. The <a> tag stands for the anchor tag.

Syntax:-  <a href=”url“>link text</a>


External HTML Link


External HTML link External HTML linking

In this example, blog written on is taking users to ( different domain ) , when they click on “Open Google” written above, which is external linking.


As the name suggests, link to any webpage within the same domain is internal linking. Example:-

Internal HTML Linking


Internal HTML Linking

For example, when you will click on the courses, it will take you to the internal page- courses within the same domain.


The <base> tag is used to specify a base path for all the links in the HTML. When you want to link HTML documents related to the same website, then it’s not required to specify a complete URL for every link. The <base> tag is always specified in the header section of the HTML document. In the HTML document, you can set the base URL only once at the top of your page in the header section, then all subsequent relative links will use that URL as a starting point.




  1. Alink

 In HTML, alink is an attribute. The alink is standing for an Active link. By default, the color of alink is red. Here, you can set a link color according to your color choice of the web page.


HTML alink

2. Vlink

In HTML, vlink is an attribute. The vlink is standing for a Visited link. By default, the color of vlink is purple. Here, you can set a link color according to your color choice of the web page.


HTML vlinkHTML vlink


Link to an external style sheet


 <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”theme.css”>


Image Tag with Linking

Here, With the help of anchor tag, you can your image clickable. IMAGE AS A LINK





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