How to add Links in a HTML Frames

Linking in HTML Frames-

This is the another mostly searched topic regarding HTML. Please go through our previous blogs for html linking and html frame tags mentioned below to have better understanding of the concept.

Now, Linking between frames creates the helpful magic of using frames. Linking can make the same frame change its contents or have a different frame change its contents.

First, start off with a simple column layout again.

First of all, we need files for frame sections. So, Here I created four HTML files.

File:- frame_1.html


File:- frame_2.html

Frame 2

File:- frame_3.html

Frame 3

File:- frame_4.html

Frame 4

Now, Set your frame sections in HTML file with the help of <frameset> tag and <frame> tag. And link your target file for set your click on action targets.

Target File

The following file is the HTML linking file. In this file, link your frame_1.html, frame_2.html, frame_3.html, frame_4.html with the help of anchor tag. And also set link your target file.

We simply added the parameter target=”parm” and “kaur” to the <a href> tag.

Linking File


Output of linking in a frame

Now the link will be opened in the main frame window instead of the menu frame window where the link itself is located.

When you will click on a frame_1.html link file, then It will show you file in the center section. (About Programming language)

Link first target HTML

When you will click on a frame_2.html link file, then It will show you file in the center section.( About JAVA introduction)

Link second target HTML

When you will click on a frame_3.html link file, then It will show you file in the third section. (About HTML)

Link third target HTML

When you will click on a frame_4.html link file, then It will show you file in the third section. (About CSS)

Link fourth target HTML


Four target names are reserved, and will be interpreted by the browser in this way:-

  • _blank:-  It will load the page into a new browser window.
  • _self:- It will load the page into the current window.
  • _parent:- It will load the page into the frame that is superior to the frame the hyperlink is in.
  • _top:- It will cancel all frames, and load in the full browser window.

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