5 ways to become a top-notch programmer

No one can deny that programming technologies and the methods of programming are changing very frequently. That makes development thrilling as well as most challenging area to survive in. If you want to improve yourself with the one technology that you are in, or get into altogether a new language, please keep reading.

Note: This blog does not talk about one particular language or any code specific knowledge, however this is the right approach to be a good programmer.

If you are just getting started then fixing those bugs and errors can be very annoying and frustrating and if you are already doing it for long , let’s say 10-15 years, then things might be monotonous for you. Since globalization has opened door to the various job opportunities for developers to do the job right here from India, hence this has become extremely important to be at the top of your game to survive in this industry.

Make it a routine

Make coding a daily routine – a part of your day to day activities. Programming needs patience and commitment. There would be days when you would get stuck with those fatal errors; the rule is to keep trying. All successful programmers commit to code every day without any miss. Programming needs continuous effort and revisions, doing it daily will help achieving this.

Code Party

Programmers sitting together

Programming can be a fun activity too. Get in touch with people who are also learning and do a combine effort to  learn things. Different minds have different skill-set and learning curve. Talking to someone about errors and bugs can help reduce the frustration and increase the power solving ability of your mind. This cannot just be limited to physical meetings, there are various websites that allow programmers to collaborate and discuss about things. You can contribute in a forum as well.




Finding Bugs

Quite obvious, isn’t it? But the point to put emphasis on is, find every bug, do not leave even a single one of them. This is the amazing and proven way to polish the problem solving skills and coding experience. Traverse through the code multiple times and try and find the loopholes. Challenge yourself to fix the errors on your own, trust me, that helps alot.

Debug every single bug


Learn a New Language

After continuous efforts, there would be a point when you would master that language. You can wish to stick to that language; however I would recommend learning the new one all together and challenge yourself to excel in that as well. This gives another milestone added to your profile and at the same time, provides you with options for languages to choose from. Going forward you can make better decisions about which language to choose for the project that you are going to handle.

Get Skill Training from Certified professionals

There are various resources and institutes to train you for the technology that you are interested in. But this is very important to choose the skill courses if you really want to learn something. Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us by filling up the contact form below.

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